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Who Are The Houston Inferno?

This is Basketball Like You've Never Seen Before...​

The Houston Inferno Women’s Semi-Professional Basketball Team is in a league of our own. Our mission is to provide women with a platform to showcase their talents on the court, competitively, while trying to break the stereotype that women cannot be athletic and feminine at the same time.  


The women on this team come from very different walks of life, but the one thing that they all have in common is their love for the game.  For many of these women, college basketball is no longer an option. However, if an opportunity should arise that they are scouted by teams overseas or from the WNBA, these women are ready!  The ultimate goal is to build a developmental league for women who possess the ability to play for a professional team, but who may need more experience.  The NBA has a developmental league for men to hone their skills and take advantage of the chance that their number will be called to join an NBA team. It’s only right that women have that same opportunity. In Houston, that opportunity is the Houston Inferno.


The question now is, “what makes the Houston Inferno different?” In addition to providing a platform for women to play competitive basketball, we aim to instill in our young girls that you can be everything you want to be...including being athlete and feminine!  


Join us on this journey as we bring the heat to a city near you! This season you can catch the Houston Inferno playing other semi-professional teams in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Beaumont.


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